OPTEC International, Inc. Begins Fuel Saving Tests with Russian Mining Operations

Carlsbad, California: (Accesswire) April 12th, 2018, OPTEC International, Inc., (OTC: OPTI) today announced the company has started fuel saving tests using the OPTEC™ Fuel Maximizer products on Russian made BELAZ Heavy Duty 130 Ton GVW Dump Trucks in a large Northern Russian mining operation.

OPTEC International, Inc. technician and training personnel recently returned from the Russian region after installing OPTEC fuel saving devices on several of the mining operations heavy duty vehicles and equipment.

Several of the test vehicles currently use in excess of 30 gallons of fuel per hour during operations and idling. The anticipated reduced fuel consumption and emission reductions would contribute significant savings if retrofitted to the operations large fleet of vehicles and equipment.

The tests are expected to continue through the end of April 2018.

OPTEC International, Inc. is currently conducting fuel saver and emission reduction tests in several other countries around the world with potential future distributors and joint-venture partners.

The OPTEC™ Fuel Maximizer is manufactured by Optimized Fuel Technologies and is a patented advanced “plug and play” technology designed for modern computer-controlled gasoline and diesel engines eliminating or substantially reducing harmful emission gases while simultaneously increasing performance and optimizing fuel economy. www.optecmpg.com

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